If you were searching for a stand-alone beach house on a quarter acre site on a big long white sandy beach for under $50,000 USD and $220 per month, you wouldn’t have found any, anywhere in the entire world—UNTIL just recently.

Nowhere on the planet is what the search engines tell us when it comes to finding a home, even a tiny home,right on the beach for under $50,000. (Beach view from afar doesn’t count)

No results found for "beach house right on the beach for sale for under $50,000 USD". No results found for "beach house for sale for under $50,000 USD". No results found for "beach house for sale for $50,000 USD".

When you let that sink in you have to wonder why the offer in Fiji on Vanua Levu, for a beach house for even LESS THAN $50,000 is not sold out. (On the longest white sand beach, 3.5km)

Apparently few know of the bargain or there would have to be a mad rush on this beach offer, the only one of its kind in the entire world? That is just unbelievable! Then again, maybe not really because there is a first time for everything.

Using elementary logic and reason you have to conclude that the deal for a beach house right on the beach for under $50,000 USD plus $220 month for the land is not well publicized, or what little promotion there is has people not believing what has to be “Too good to be true.” Hence, this article.

This is ridiculous! There are two newbeach homes on this beach property right now and two more to be there soon with a few folks pondering how this beach life in real paradise can be so cheap and yet so good? The first person to go for it is still in disbelief and asks to be pinched hard every day to make sure it is not a dream.

The homes can be made to order with custom interiors, awnings, veranda roofs, decks and even with two or more container frames for more room. The top of the line is our version of a Louis Vuitton knock-off as shown below at $69,900 + tax.

There are just 15 one quarter acre sites left set to be filled with beach homes that are directly on the beach. There are more sites in the back, behind. The first to respond and jump on it will have the only beach houses for sale in this price range in the entire world, at least according to Google. Seems you could buy one and resell it for a profit, doesn’t it?

There are seven billion people on the planet? And on this same planet just 15 sites right on the beach available right now for the taking of this offer. You can have one just by ordering a beach house custom made for you from $30,000 USD to $70,000 USD and for the low cost of the site at $220 per month—which includes maintenance of the grounds, roads and water and rubbish removal, beach cleaning, etc. Just those services alone would be your cost on any beach property and this is the whole entire cost including the site.

THEN, someone had the brilliant idea that buying these tiny homes to rent out would make a high yield income given the area is on the prime and coveted same beach as the 5 star Cousteau Resort. In fact, it is only the resorts that have beach houses right on the beach in this area of Savusavu and all the resorts that offer that on this coast for the next 10 and 11 kilometres get more than a thousand US dollars per day. Hmm, said the savvy investor. OK, they offer meals included in the rental rate, you don’t—so what?

Here is a website that professes to have the cheapest property in 54 countries and when you search for a beach house, there are “no results match beach house.”

Do we have a gold mine and don’t know it? Are the prices too low? Where are the people who want to live on the beach like Anthony Robbins set up,rather at beachcomber prices? Or who wants to buy to rent out earning yields 10 times bank interest and more secure or to just retire or… Hell’s fire, what is holding it up? We have had the offer out there on the street for over a month now. LOL

Let’s take this offer apart to see what is wrong with it.

The first thing to get into is what are the beach homes like that are offered? They are shown on the website here: and at the bottom of the page there are the specifications.

The homes are made from shipping containers, using one or two or even three if one wants a small mansion for they can be appointed quite luxuriously and by some of the best craftspeople in Fiji, some with hardwoods the likes of that made Gibson Guitar famous. Fiji has wood, lots of it, and wood over weatherized steel is as strong as you can make a house. You can stack these homes 10 high if you wanted—and they are transportable. Try that with a timber/wood frame house.

Transportable is part of the appeal and the reason you can own your home on land you don’t own. In order to be transportable a home has to be made extremely strong and there is NOTHING stronger than a home with the frame and the core of it made from weatherized steel.

So, is it the fact that the homes have this hidden steel structure that is an issue? Insulated and ventilated, they are cool even in the hottest sun. Anyway they have double roofs and sit under the shade trees at the beach. You can put awnings up and even add rooms on the back; a deck on the roof is a good idea too.

OK, it’s the land? The land is the real bargain actually. A quarter acre of beach land the likes of which these beach homes are situated would cost as they are advertised at $250,000 USD, and only one for sale in this whole coastal area. Then, any foreigner buying it by law has two years to build a minimum $250,000 FJD home. One US dollar is worth two Fiji dollars at the bank exchange.

So, there you have it, save two or three hundred thousand US dollars and live next door to the rich or less rich by $300,000 USD after they settle up.

The land cost part of this offer is the $220 USD per month and here is what you get for that. One quarter acre site, which is just a site rental paid for by the month that includes all the services you would need even if you owned the land. As stated above, roads and maintenance thereof, same for the grounds and the regular beach cleaning, as well, water which is included in the rental along with rubbish disposal. That is a little over $7 per day, which is probably a lot less than a pack of cigarettes.

The land is about 12 acres of beachfront from the Land Trust Board of Fiji. This is government controlled and offered land under a 99-year lease for this project, which you could never buy at any price anyway. They are happy with this yield and program and look forward to its success. Another too good to be true. We know.

Then there is the matter of how easy is it to just fly in, buy the house and live in Fiji forever.

The Fiji Immigration department has a couple of programs for folks who want to reside in Fiji full time. The easiest program to qualify for is the do nothing, just arrive as a tourist. You have six months to stay in Fiji, with four months before you have to extend for two more months before you have to leave the country, only to come back in a day or two later from wherever you might have flown to. Some people have lived like that for many years.

The preferable visa is the non-working “Assured Income” visa/permit where you are required to bring to Fiji $50,000 USD or equivalent and spend it on a tiny home or bank the difference or all of it in the amount of $100,000 FJD. The USD being worth two Fiji dollars at this writing August 2018.

The other half of the requirement to live/reside in Fiji under this program is you must show an income enough to support yourself and or spouse and children.

Residence Permit on Assured Income Fiji Last Updated: 04 January 2017

1. Definition A Residence Permit on assured income under Section 48 of the Immigration Regulations, 2007 may be issued to a person who has assets outside the Fiji Islands at his/her disposal of an amount sufficient to ensure that he/she will not become a charge on public funds whilst residing in Fiji. Authority is under Section 9 (2) (b) of the Immigration Act 2003.

The “income” standard used has been about $20,000 USD per year in income for a family of three. Less money to show per year income for a single or couple.

After five years you can qualify for citizenship at a cost of less than $3000 Fiji dollars.

Healthcare is a winner because it is free for people with residency permits as per above.

You can live very well on a pension income of just $1200 USD per month here at this location in Fiji.

The other Residency Permits are basically working or business kinds of visas where your qualifications are dictated by the kind of business you might intend to start or buy into. See “Invest in Fiji” for advice on that kind of permit. Think this one over and let us know what color.

Robert Bryce: [email protected]

“It’s time to make a move.”