“Interactive Advertising” with the appeal of For Sale by Owner

$50 up front plus 1.6% upon selling

Get into the Spotlight!


Advertising pays, only IF your listing gets in front of your customer.

Customers using the Internet respond to ads on page one and two for their search results. If your ad is not there, you are losing out to other offers ahead of yours.

This website is a normally page one and two search result for everyone on earth searching for property in Fiji—try it.

Here is how get your properties sold to people searching for them via the Internet:

AFFORDABLE ONE-TIME FEE: You pay $50 USD for the ad preparation. We size your pictures/images and help compose your ad to suit the sale. We have 22 years’ experience in this. You send your photos and high points about your property to us and our copy editor will write it up and we will load it for you. If you wish to use your own wording, fine, just say so.
The $50 USD for each ad placed
is good for as long as it takes to sell with this premium exposure.

INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING FEE 1.6% WHEN SOLD: When an inquiry comes in, at the same time you get it, we briefly greet the potential buyer with a warm welcome. This prompt response is always appreciated as it seems that effort is often delayed in the industry. We let them know that if they want the kind of information most realtors don’t like to be bothered with, we are more than willing to provide information on Immigration, residency, life style, costs of living and anything to do with life in the islands that they might want to ask questions about. Everyone appreciates that kind of attention and willingness to make buying easier. They can contact us anytime about anything that they might want to know. We leave the discussion about the property to you, the owner, as no one knows about that better than you. And, most buyers like the idea of dealing directly with the owners versus realtors. This method of selling prevents any realtor from using your property for a “bait and switch” of the enquiring customer to a more lucrative opportunity for them.  

You are in full control.

As well, we can provide services for facilitating Immigration visas/residency and, when the property sells, we will make the required legal arrangements for closing with the lawyer choices.  All you have to do is tell the customer everything they want to know about your property. When they say they want to buy, arrangements for that purchase are routine and managed for you by the legal means.     

There is no advertising media more powerful for South Pacific properties than, southpacificrealestate.to    

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How It Works

Step One

Contact us with your listings details, (description and images).

Description: Writing a complete, personal, welcoming description makes your listing more appealing and engaging. It increases your chances of receiving serious enquiry.

Images: To ensure that your full width images look good across any device big or small the recommended size is 2400x1600px.

Step Two

Indicate the quickest way to contact you from the available options you provide - be it a mobile phone number or email.

Step Three

We will set up your listing for your approval.

Step Four