Tonga Weather

Vava'u, Tonga is just far enough away from equator to enjoy a milder climate. Winter is from May to October and is the cooler season. Summer, from November to April, is the warmer season, wetter too.

Temperature ranges (ave.):

Winter: July to September—17 C to 22 C (62 F to 71 F) Dryer season.
Summer: December to April—25 C to 33 C (77 F to 91 F) Rainy season.

The rainy season contributes to a higher annual rainfall number in the summer. The reason for this is due more to the volume of rain, when it rains, as apposed to it raining more frequently. The summer is when most of the storms come through, to include cyclones. Tonga is such a long stretch of island groups that one island group may see more or different weather than another. Vava'u Island Group has experienced a cyclone every 20 years over the last 60. The last cyclone "Waka" hit Vava'u on New Years Eve, on December 31 to January 1, 2002 and had blown over by morning. The eye came directly over providing a reprieve of 20 minutes or so, before round two of winds from the inside of the eye’s wall. The event was as none before, but Vava'u recovered quickly and was back in business in no time.